Eastern Dairy Case Study Solution

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Identification of Dilemma

Towards the end of a typical overnight shift at the Eastern Dairy, one of the joints in the milkshake mix production line starts to spew. George, a young college aged man (uncertain of what direction in life he wants to go), started working over the summer and is a unionized employee, has found the underlying cause of the milkshake mix that is spewing from the joints to be maggot clogged filters. Unsure as to how to respond to the revelation, and as he is still a relatively new employee, he brings it to the attention of Paul, who is positioned as the overnight shift lead. Paul’s instructions and reassurance of fixing the situation don’t quite quell George’s wariness about the maggot infested mix, however George went
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Stating the running the rest of the mixture is a win-win, not only for the company but also for the night crew. One of Paul’s justification, is that the homogenizer and the pasturing process would be enough to fix the situation. Another, from the financial aspect, Paul argues that it is saving product (since they are not throwing out 500 gallons of milkshake mix), the work hours it would take to stop, clean, reassemble, restart the production line, and then having to catch up on the backed-up orders. Which would not only cause the guys to get in trouble with management and not, but also to not go home on time. Even so, George seems to find little reassurance in Paul’s justification of his…show more content…
A very popular ethical framework is the utilitarian belief, associated with Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus of Samos, focuses on what is going to benefit the greatest amount of people while harming the least. A utilitarian approach would factor in the negative consequences of their decision, and if they felt that it outweighed the positive consequences, then that would shape their decision. In essence, it is a majority rule, however the manager in charge would have the final say, though unlikely to deviate from the group consensus. A manager adhering to utilitarianism ensures that decisions favor the majority of workers, even if the minority have to suffer to make that possible. (Mack, Stan. "What Are Managerial
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