Eastman Kodak Failure

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Rafael Lorenzo
The article read was on the reemergence of Eastman Kodak Company, a technology company mostly known for photography products. More commonly known as Kodak, the photographic giant dominated the digital sphere during the 20th Century. Founded by George Eastman, Kodak was primarily focused on providing imaging solutions and services for businesses. The industry aimed to simplify photography and all its aspects, to ultimately provide user friendly products. This lead to the rise in demand for the products, complementing the mass production at low costs. Eventually, the industry became an international distributor with minimal competition. Numerous factors, like those mentioned, all contributed to the immense success of Kodak in its prime.
Unfortunately, this success started hitting a bitter end by late 20th century and entering the 21st. As we all know, the technological advancements in recent history is phenomenal. There has been incredibly rapid improvements to the point where 20th Century technology has become completely obsolete in mere decades. This poses the most probable cause for the downfall of Kodak, which was not able to compensate and adapt fast enough. It seemed as though Kodak did not have much sense of urgency so managers didn’t feel the need to make changes when it was necessary. It paved the way for the
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