Easy A Friendship Analysis

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Friendship in Easy A

Friends are an important part in our lives. True friends stays with you through thick and thin, and always tell you the truth. I have been watching the fun and charming movie Easy A and for you that do not have seen this movie the story is about Olive Penderghast that tells a little lie about losing her virginity to her best friend witch gets her life and rumor to change completely. It takes up many things young people is thinking about like sexual morality, friendship, family and how to find yourself. In the movie I noticed three messages about friendships. Therefore, I am going to give examples on and discuss the question “What role does friendship play in Easy A?” One thing that is obvious in the movie is that Olive, the main character, always
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It is a natural process in life, that plays a role in Easy A. Olive loses many friends when her reputation is out circulating, but during the movie she also finds new friends on the way and intercepts contact with people she has known as a kid. This process is something I think many identify with – me too. I do not hang out with the same people as I did two years ago. Some people I was close to before do not speak to me now and some people I did not know at that time, am I now talking to every day. If friendships are meant to be, they will last. It is important to not stuck with the friends you have known since you were a child just because they are there. If you grow apart it is okay. It is also okay to break up with friends that you feel take more energy than they give or that change you to someone you do not recognize in yourself. To find new friends is always a good idea if you feel lonely or just want to get to know more wonderful people. It may seem a bit odd that Olive changes friends but as I said before it is just natural. That message is probably what the movie is supposed to pass on to the
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