Easy Tone Walking Shoe Analysis

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Easy Tone Walking Shoe This paper forces us to decide can a physiological walking shoe give us enhanced muscle toning while we walk. Need to present all of the scientific evidence that is available for a test of test worthiness. Look at all of the empirical reasoning factor with evidence presented. Scrutinize the company evidence for flaws. Is Easy Tone shoes a good fit for the customer’s needs? The innovative concept of balance pods incorporated into Easy Tone shoes encourages muscle toning abilities without exerting any more physical effort. The Reebok corporation is portraying their Easy Tone walking shoe to be the best of the physiological gym shoes. There is lots of ways someone could agree or disagree with Reebok shoe company. Critically…show more content…
Reebok is pushing the boundaries with logical strength. Yes there is logical order to the prof but the information is slated. Falcone and Gittens (2013) point out chapter seven the relevance must be relevant to the claim to have a solid argument. The Reebok corporation made sure there was relevance by having the University of Delaware conduct the study in a manner that favored the female shopper. To support the claims, the shoemakers each offer company-financed exercise studies suggesting that the shoes produce a higher level of muscle engagement, at least in a controlled research setting (Pope, 2009). The basis for believing the truth of the reason does not depend on the truth of the claim (Falcone & Gittens, 2013). Basically, we do not want the argument to go in circles. With the Easy Tone walking shoes the argument is straight forward, the company makes a claim of toning muscles while you walk and then back up with a…show more content…
If a person were to consider buying Easy Tone walking shoes this is how they may convince themselves the shoes are worth two hundred dollars. This is satisficing because instead of working hard at the gym Easy Tones will tighten my calf and Butt muscles just by walking. You could temporize telling yourself these shoes are better than not toning my muscles at all. Simulation would be a very strong heuristic. Would be very easy to imagine walking along and after you were finished you would have tighten hard to tone muscle areas just by walking. After you watch all of the commercials you might put together a stereotype that all the shoes that tone your muscles while you walk are good. There is a chance of anchoring without adjustment if you only see the positive data about the shoe. Elimination by aspect could easily be done. Maybe you do not like the idea feeling unstable while walking. A person might use the loss and risk heuristic. Is a person is willing to take a two-hundred-dollar loss if the shoe does not

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