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Summaries In Easy Writer, Chapter 37 "Conducting research," Andrea A Lunsford, a English professor, asserts that after finding the topic one must do a great deal of research on it. Remember what sources one is using. Occasionally it is favorable to have both current and noncurrent sources, however that does depend on the topic (Lunsford). Lunsford details the types of sources such as: primary, secondary, scholarly and popular to choose from. Lunsford then reminds the reader adhere from dismissing library sources. The library and librarians can assist with sources such as: Catalogs, reference works and bibliographies (Lunsford). Lastly, the internet provides tools , a search engine and bookmarking are helpful to narrow down all the information. When using the internet generate reliable sources (Lunsford). The question to ask oneself is ,what is the "purpose of this topic", and what needs to convey to the readers? (Lunsford). After fully understanding the purpose, consider the usability of visuals in order to assert the message. Contemplate about how long this paper will take and when it 's due, this will aid in time management (Lunsford). When the information is gathered obtain time to work on the thesis…show more content…
She claims that the title and the introduction needs to tell the reader clearly what they are going to read. This opens the reader to the essay and the information in order to process the essay completely (Lunsford). She conveys that in the conclusion the writer needs to reevaluate the reader of the claim/ thesis. After that evaluate your sources in the paper, Lunsford suggests to organize all the sources In addition to drafting, the writer must proofread the essay to see if it needs improvement (Lunsford). She gives tips on proofreading the final draft before finalizing and
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