Eat Animals The Nice Way Analysis

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You could save an animal from drowning, but you could save a person from drowning too; the choice is difficult. You could protest for animals to have rights and not be tortured at slaughterhouses and still eat them from factories that do things like kill them in an abusive way. Animal rights, animals should have some rights with some limitations. I have issues involving this topic about animal rights because i have mixed emotions about how we can experiment and torture animals but still have them as pets. In articles by Jeff McMahan, “Eat Animals The Nice Way”, and by Maureen Nandi Mitra, “Animals Are Persons, too”, they talk from two different positions where we should eat animals and another where we shouldn’t experiment on them and let them be. The both sides of this topic are very controversial because there are many opinions about this and in this essay i will explain the both sides and in between of the argument. Between the arguments of animals being experimented on and animals being people who are our pets; there is a major controversial conflict about it. In the article, “Eating Animals the Nice Way.” by Jeff McMahan, he states, “Many people are opposed to factory farming because of the terrible suffering it inflicts on animals, yet see no…show more content…
Many of us can have different opinions on what animal rights mean and what it is. We can have two sides on it, one is where we should stop the cruelty and stop many factories from brutalizing the animals they have, and another side where we could just don’t do anything and leave them be and accept the fact that we eat them. I know if someone can stop any industries it’s us because we have the mindset to do it and accomplish it, carpe diem. Lastly, we should have animal rights with some limitations and taking some things under
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