Eat Drink Man Women Analysis

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Time is a mystery. It never stops or looks back, always steadily moves forward. The only thing it left behind is trails of memory. Those memories pile up, building a bridge to connect the past and the present that we call history. It is not only just a junction; it is also a tool for anyone or anything to learn. For a country that is still in development, understanding and learning history are crucial for their ongoing development. Taiwan as an independent country has rich history, one that is closely related to People’s Republic of China. There is no doubt that China played critical role in shaping Taiwan as a nation and as a society. In this class, I have been exposed to a variety of Taiwan’s most significant movies, which often emphasized…show more content…
As I watched the movie, I was reminded of a quote that I was not able to appreciate back that time. The quote, whose author remains anonymous, goes like this: we have to cherish this moment, because memories are elusive. This sentence summed everything about the movie for me that regardless the problems we face, life will still go on. As my first Taiwanese movie, Eat Drink Man Women left a surprisingly remarkable impression, considering in the beginning when watching the movie I was unsure and thought it would be monotonous. Nonetheless it served the director’s (Ang Lee) ambitions and characteristics solidly. From what I came across in Wikipedia, he is well known to be meticulous in terms of capturing deep emotions that he obtained recognition internationally from the film industry. The way Ang Lee depicted the Taiwanese culture was evident yet subtle; with the old-school Chinese cooking style as the opening act, he already tried to familiarize the viewers to authentic Taiwanese dishes, some which I am quite acquainted to. Moving on, the main conflict that became the focus in a few of Ang Lee’s movies is the alteration in Eastern
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