Eat That Frog Book Report

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Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy is a book for crammed professionals to help others stop procrastinating and get stuff done. I chose the book because throughout my collegiate career I have been used to procrastinating, getting things done at the last minute, during high stress situation. I hoped to learn the best ways to manage my time, my priorities, and my personal life. Tracy’s first tip is to “Set the Table”, his idea is to preplan your goals by laying them out before you begin the project. He also explains that it is important to set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and begin to work on your goals. I felt that this really hit home for me because I find myself often starting tasks at work without a plan in mind and often end up aimlessly working on bits and pieces and wasting time. I plan to do this by updating my agenda daily to set my deadlines and prioritize daily tasks and preplanning goals. By doing this daily in the morning, I will have the ability to time block my day into three sections (morning, afternoon, night) to plan my day. Another key point that Tracy makes is “Creative Procrastination”, which is a fun way for saying prioritize your tasks. Procrastination is in my DNA and I even secretly enjoy the high stress of completing things before a deadline, so the idea of procrastinating the low priority projects and…show more content…
In todays ever-changing professional environment with new technology being released daily, self improvement is the best way to stay ahead of the crowd. I will implement this into my life daily by following new podcasts and reading industry review articles. For example, I will read blog posts on the Moz Blog ( to stay updated on SEO and online marketing schools. This implementation could be multiple times a day during breaks, lunch, while relaxing after work depending on the volume of new
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