Case Study: Eat Wise

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3.0 Description of The Market
Eat Wise seeks to serve people with a strong concern for their health and fitness and also adheres to the needs of people wanting to lose weight. Our salads and beverages suit all age groups from kids to adults.
3.1 Analysis of Competition
The market for organic salads, beverages and frozen yogurt is quite large in Kuwait Some of the top notch competitors include Salad Creations, Salad Boutique, Khokh We Meshmesh, Duka Boy, PinkBerry, Froyo and Pick being a tough competitor as it is the only frozen yogurt shop that offers the product in low calories.

The strength of Eat Wise is that we serve salad dressings and toppings that are highly vegan and organic with low calories. Our freshly squeezed refreshing juices are filled with powerful proteins and healthy carbs. Some of our unique sauces include hazelnut flavored and almond butter sauce. A major weakness is that the market for organic food items is highly trending and growing day by day in Kuwait. Eat Wise places strong emphasis on coming up with innovative and creative recipes and expanding our business to include main course dishes, appetizers, desserts and much more.
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We at Eat Wise will satisfy the needs of our customers by providing them high class organic food items while still enjoying the deliciousness that people normally look for in junk food items. Another market penetration strategy we adopt is to find new customers altogether. We serve our salads, juices and frozen yogurts in extremely colorful cups and bowls so that they’re appealing to youngsters and adults rather than using dull
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