Eat Your Bug Analysis

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Compare/Contrast By:Jaidyn Solis

The texts “Eat Your Bugs” by Miguel Vilar and Lauren Allen and “Insect Farmers...” by The Washington Post have both similarities and differences. The first similarity is, both articles suggest that you should eat bugs. For example, on page 21 of “Eat Your Bugs” the text states “Looking for a new tasty treat? Bug food may be the answer.” Similarly, on page 1 of “Insect Farmers” it says “Bug in your salad? No problem.” This is similar because both articles are trying to convince you to into eating bugs by saying that other people have no problem with eating bugs.In both cases the authors believes that eating bugs is ok and is trying to convince you into eating bugs. A second similarity is that both texts are telling you that bugs are easier to farm and it is better for the environment.For example on page 2 of “Insect Farmers” the text states “Insects take up much less space than most livestock.”on page 24 of “Eat Your Bugs” it says Also Raising is easier than raising cows or
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To sum things up both authors have different things to say in their articles about eating bugs, on article talks about just the good of eating bugs and the other talks about some good and the issues/problems with eating
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