Eat Your Bugs Analysis

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Eat Your Bugs vs. Insect Farmers

The texts “Eat Your Bugs” by Miguel Vila and Laura Allen and “Insect Farmers...” by The Washington Post have both similarities and differences.

First, both articles show and explain that eating bugs is good for the environment. For example, on page 24 of “Eat Your Bugs” the text states “But the poisons wash away in the rain. They end up in rivers and kill fish and other living things.” Similarly, on page 2 of “Insect Farmers” it says “It would also reduce the environmental footprint.” This is similar because both articles are saying that eating bugs is good for the environment with different reasons. The poisons that the average citizen uses to kill bugs washes away in the rain and could not only kill bugs, but other wildlife too. In both cases eating bugs is good for the environment in many different ways.

A second similarity is that eating bugs is healthy for you. For example on page 22 of “Eat Your Bugs” the text
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For example “Eat Your Bugs” doesn’t even talk about transportation. In contrast, on page of “Insect Farmers” it says “No one wants to be shipping live crickets and have a semi truck turn it over.” This information differs because “Eat Your Bugs” has no problems with transporting bugs and “Insect Farmers” says that no one wants to be shipping bugs for various reasons. In conclusion, transporting bugs is not a good idea from “Insect Farmers” and “Eat Your Bugs” doesn’t have a problem with shipping bugs.

In conclusion, the texts “Eat Your Bugs” and “Insect Farmers” are similar in that they both say that bugs are healthy and that they are good for the environment. However, they are different because “Eat Your Bugs” says that they have exactly the right amount of bugs and “Insect Farmers” say that they need more bugs to feed everyone. Another difference is that they don’t want to transport bugs for many different

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