Eating Boy Book Analysis

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Jeffers, O. (2006). The Incredible Book Eating Boy. New York, NY: Philomel Books.
Henry was a book lover, but not like how you and I love book he would eat them it all started will a few words from a text then moved on to him eating a whole book in one sitting. What will happen when Henry starts feeling ill?

When I first got the book I thought it was interesting because in the back of the book in the left hand bottom corner where it a chuck of the book missing meant to look like someone eat the book and I thought that was pretty to make the book look like someone eat when it’s about a boy who eat books. There also was a disclaimer on the back telling children not to eat this book at home I thought that was funny. I think out of all, the book
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It also should a realness in to how much work it takes and time it put in to the illustrations of the book. I also thought it was a cute story too because what little kid hasn’t imaged have a pet moose or elephant at home they will find it silly too because you can’t have a pet moose that not possible. He also throws a few picture of his other character in this book when Wilfred was trying to find of way out to the sting he was tangled in there where little bubbles with his other character in it. I would recommend this book for teacher to let children know about wild life or how the take care of pet. I know for sure the this will be one of the book I will have in my classroom library.

Activity: Children in small or large groups will discuss with the help of the teacher the “pros” and “cons” of having a pet moose with the use of a T-chart.
Language and Literacy Development 1.3 Reading Literature H. Integration of Knowledge and Ideas-Text analysis 1.3 PK.H Answer questions to compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of character in familiar stories. Participate in strategies that provide opportunities to compare and contrast the experiences of characters. (e.g., Venn diagrams, T-charts, dramatic
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This one had more colors to it not just orange, red, and white. Their faces had color this time when in the last book they just had white face so they look more human and alive. The story line was real basic just talking about the opposite of each of happy and sad, up and down, high and low. This would be a great book to use if you wanted to teach children about the opposites of each other and the different between things. There was really no depth in the story line. This book is much simpler than any of this other books it had hand drawing, simple primary color, along with white background. Where in his other books there are many bright colors and different shades he sometime put collages in his background along with combining hand drawing and painting. I also like this book because the group he made are the kind of characters you want to see what they are up to next or what kind of trouble they will get
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