Eating Breakfast: A Short Story

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"Good morning"
Eating breakfast is a habit that I lost long ago, the only thing that I eat sometimes is cereals. I always feel sick on the mornings so I can see why my mom decided to make an advanced breakfast today. Her son has a guest coming over for breakfast.
We stay in silence for the next ten minutes, until Trace decides to break it.
"So you didn't show up to our rehearsals lately" he brings up. My mom snaps her head towards us. I really hope that she won't ask any questions that involves my personal life.
"I've been hanging out with Noelle lately" I tell him quietly.
I'm blushing a bit my hands starts to sweat. I hide them under the table. Trace frowns at me but then cracks into a smile.
"Yeah I have seen you two around school, someone
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My mom had arranged a dinner for our family or like she described a 'celebration'. I still cannot get the point.
However fancy food and expensive crystal glasses that were only for the especial occasion did not help that much.
Dinner was no longer like it used to be. If you passed by the Walker's house, you could see a happy family eating but the outside tricks you to the lie.
Dad had his eyes focused on his food, mom drank her third glass of wine and Ethan did not touch his dessert. I was stuck in the middle.
"Aunt Annie called yesterday" my dad puts down his fork and leaves his untouched food.
"Oh really what did she say?" my mom says with a high pitched tone.
"Well she would be very happy to receive Lucian over the Christmas
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I snap my eyes up. My mom avoids looking at me.
It feels like everything falls on its place. How could I've been so blind? They tried to say this but never found the right moment.
"What would you say, Lucian? London is not that bad?" My dad encourages me.
"I don't want to go"
"Of course you want to go, it will be fun"
"I don't want to go, I'm fine here"
My mom has not said anything. She gets up from the table and starts to pick up our plates.
"Your mother and I, had a conversation about this and we thought that this could be a good change for you"
I don't like Aunt Annie because she's dramatic and lives for yoga. She lives with six cats named after her favorite fictional characters. She's a nightmare. I don't need more nightmares.
"I don't need change" I groan loudly.
"We're not forcing you to change just to change your routine a bit"
"I'm fine with my routine"
"Sleeping and avoiding us is not a routine"
"I hang out with Noelle, isn't that enough?"
I look at Ethan he doesn't tease me with Noelle. He's playing with my mom's phone.
"That is good, but we still think that_"
"Well that's enough for me at least" I interrupt him and turn around in one second. I'm ready to leave this stupid

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