Eating Christmas In The Kalahari Summary

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Georgia Felts
Anthropology 206 Culture Shock: One can experience Culture Shock when visiting a new country. They may feel disoriented and unsure due to the shift social environments. Simply traveling to another type of life can take a toll on some people. An example from the textbook, Conflict and Conformity, in the section titled Eating Christmas in the Kalahari. In this section, an anecdote is presented, detailing how a man named Richard Borshay Lee buys an Ox for the Christmas celebration, and is his way of saying “thank you for the cooperation of the past year” (Lee, 14). Lee was determined to buy the biggest, fattest Ox he could find and that is what he did. But what Lee did not know was that that culture did not praise each
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In the beginning of Wards ethnographic research, she stated that she "understood cultural relativism from an intellectual perspective, but the gut reality turns out to be something else" (Ward, 8). What I took from that statement is that yes, we understand that we should not judge other societies and cultures. However, I was also able to determine that when you are there and surrounded by those unfamiliar societies and cultures, judgement between that culture and your own seems like just a natural reaction. Ward shows cultural relativism by accepting and understanding the choice of Sohn Alpet to not take the modern medication. Alpet instead decided to continue taking the traditional ancient recipes that his family provided for him. Ward said "If the curing ceremonies had accomplished only an acceptance of death and the loving care of his family, they were worth it" (Ward, 93). Ward came to Pohnpei to "promote the idea of blood pressure and heart disease and sicknesses that cannot be seen" (91), and the reason I view this as cultural relativism is because Ward believed in modern medicine and that it could help and treat the people of Pohnpei, but when it came down to the wishes of her friend she put her personal opinion aside and supported his decision. She realized that just because she believed he should stay near the hospital and take modern medicine doesn't mean that he felt the same
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