Eating Disorders: The Paleo Diet

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Introduction The Paleo diet is a way to eat just like we used back in the caveman days. Meaning we are able to eat food that we can gather such as fish, meat, vegetables, seeds, and other various natural foods. The paleo diet is also called the caveman diet or the stone age diet, and is a very popular diet nowadays. The diet was created by Dr. Cordain who had studied human diets from ancestral human diet, had believed that our ancestors ate much less foods then we do today. Over the course of 7+ years, he had acquired thousands of papers with all aspects of the paleo diet. He began to study how Cereal Grains were potentially affecting our health, and researched evidence supporting the claim. The paper Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double Edged…show more content…
This paper talks about the history of the diet, stating that it isn’t new having been introduced in a book in 1975. This diet isn’t just straying away from processed foods, but most foods in general. Study shows that in 2015, 72% of millennials were open to trying foods from other diets such as the paleo diet. These numbers demonstrate the amount of people wanting to try new diets hence the explosion in popularity of the paleo diet. While at the same time not appealing to the old of ages 35+. (Richman 130) An interesting article about diet trends talks about the diet in depth, and what you are giving up. Banning an entire food group is explained by talking about our prehistoric times. The truth is active people need carbs for their daily energy. Paleo is a definite way to lose weight, but eliminating an entire food group has you bound to lose weight anyways. Restrictive diets such as the paleo diet is not sustainable for us. The Department of Clinical Medicine did a report to see if patients with Metabolic Syndrome related Fatty live disease be on the Paleo Diet decrease morbidity? The study concluded that the diet may be acceptable to our unhealthy ways, but only in controlled trials. It is a good start to change the lifestyle of how an obese person is, in a way to better their diet as their foundation. (Tarantino 363) One thing the diet was found to do is improving insulin resistance, and helps prevent the development of the fatty live…show more content…
They found that the paleo diet is gluten free which is a popular and nutritional advantage. Although gluten intolerance is very rare. Its main idea came from the exclusion of cereal grains due to them not existing back then giving the idea of this new diet. The conclusion they came to regarded the paleo diet as one that should be used by athletes to enhance utilization of energy. It may also benefit people with Type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Another good thing would be to sometimes of off the diet and eat foods such as cereals, and dairy products to upkeep the body. Use with high performance athletes may be usable, but require extensive research. (Bujko
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