Eating Disorders: The Story Fat Girl

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The Story“Fat Girl” is a story of a girl luis who developed an eating disorder at a young age. The eating disorder was brought on by her mother pushing her into eating less, so the boy would be attracted to her. Her mother putting all that pressure on her was to much so she began binge eating. Later when she goes into college she meets a girl, Carrie. She 's open to Carrie and is comfortable binging in front of her. Later on Carrie asks her to diet, her meals consist of mostly meat,fish, and lettuce. After a while she reaches beyond her weight goal and landing the “perfect’ husband. While pregnant with their child she begins binge eating again, she starts to feed that hunger that 's been building up for all of those years. After the birth…show more content…
In the story the girl is continuously is being addressed as a slut. The mother is slut shaming her daughter and telling her to use her looks to get things. Her mother is teaching how to be the perfect stay at home wife. She’s telling a list of things to please her future husband. Towards the end they talk about squeezing the bread to tell if it 's fresh, the daughter replies “but what is the baker won 't let me feel the bread?, and the mother replies, “you mean to say that after all you are really going to be the kind of women who the baker won 't let near the bread?”, the sounds disappointed in her daughter and encourages her to use her skills that were given by her to get shortcut in life. In both stories, “Fat Girl” and “Girl”, there mothers try and push them to be the ideal women we see in today’s society. The daughters push themselves to do as they are told and live to their mother 's expectations. While trying to reach their goal of achieving the life their mothers picked out they are destroying themselves on the inside. The begin lose sight of who they really are. In both stories the mothers want their daughters to land the perfect man, both stories show how young girls are encouraged to changed their looks, and do whatever it takes to get what society thinks is the perfect man. Both stories have to do with body shaming, and
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