Eating Healthy, Unprocessed Food

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The videos narrated by Michael Pollan and Bryant Terry communicate many important topics regarding the agriculture industry and reasons why eating healthy, unprocessed foods is crucial to preserving our health and the planet.
Important topics from the videos:
Fundamentally, all food is solar energy accumulated by plants during photosynthesis. As the human species, we are genetically accustomed to thrive on natural products. The industrialization of food and introduction biological of food novelties have become obstacles for our bodies to properly metabolize and utilize nutrition.
An average item of food in the US travels about 1500 miles from the farm to our plates. It takes enormous amounts of fossil fuel energy to deliver just a few calories of food to our homes. To aid the global warming and ensure the best food quality, it is recommended to eat local produce. Eating locally can help conserve energy, keep farmers in business, and prevent the process of further urbanization of our cities.
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Everything from the music playing at the store to the isle location is planned to extract as much money from the consumer as possible.
I believe in everything that was presented in the videos. As a very health conscious person I have been long aware of the unfortunate facts presented in the films. I hope that increasing education regarding the topic will eventually cause more people to choose healthier alternative ways to better our health and save the
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