Eating Meat Arguments

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The strong controversy between goodness of vegetarian diet and consumption of meat has risen among consumers with the rise of concern about ethical, environment and health-related reasons behind eating meat. There are two representative essays taking opposite side about eating meat. They are two quotes each from “Is it wrong to eat animals?” written by Loren Lomasky and “All animals are equal” written by Peter Singer. “If you like eating meat, and if the practice of meat eating does not diminish the welfare of animals, then do it.”(Is It Wrong to Eat Animals?, 2013, p. 193) “I am urging that we extend to other species the basic principle of equality that most of us recognize should be extended to all members of our own species”(All Animals Are Equal, 2012, p. 148)
I eat meat, I like eating meat and I will continue to eat meat. I am not arguing that animals is not a subject of the basic principle of equality. I appreciate that animal is the subject of the equality, however; there are still some benefits of consuming the meats. There are several arguments supporting the goodness of consumption of meat. First and foremost, in the aspect
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Consumption of good meat does support animal rights. First and foremost, to define the bad meat and good meat in case of cow, bad beef is from a cow raised on corn meal brought up in a way that they cannot grow a normal digestive system. Also bad beef is from a cow raised without any violent way. On the other hand, good beef comes from a cow raised on grass-only diets in open environment. 방목되어 길러져서 삶의 복지가 보장되고 자연스러운 죽음을 맞이해 얻는 고기 역시 도덕적인 고기라고 볼 수 있다. Consuming bad beef can be an indirect act of supporting raising livestock in an environment where they can later suffer from abnormal digestive system, later resulting use of antibiotics. As long as consumption of meat is limited to having good beef, or good meat, animal right is safe from being

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