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What made you decide to eat meat? If I asked people, this question their answers would vary from because it is good for you too because I grew up eating meat. Likewise, most people can agree that eating meat can be essential for the human body. However, in today’s society Veganism is trending more than ever. People are constantly convincing themselves that plant- based foods are enough when it comes to your daily nutrition needs, eliminating all meat from their diets. Unluckily, these individuals may be experiencing a lack of vitamins, suffering reduced brain volume, weariness, and misperception. The idea that eating meat is not good for your body in some cases comes from one’s ethical point of view. Such as killing innocent animals in the…show more content…
People blame meat for high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Indeed, meat can cause health problems of this such, but it all depends on the amount of meat a person eats that can lead them to these health problems. Especially if the meat contains a lot of oil and grease that can build up in your body. But eating meat is not the only guilty party behind all these health issues, sugar can also be one as well. The overconsumption of carbohydrates like grains and potatoes that break down into sugar in the body also can cause these health issues. Many people are quick to point fingers at eating meat for these health problems, but there are other reasons for health problems of this such. Meat is constantly blamed for Western diseases when these diseases are new, but meat is an old food. As stated by Kris Gunnars in his article, “Humans and pre-humans have been eating meat for millions of years (19). Blaming an old food for new health problems makes absolutely no sense” (Gunnars). As I mentioned before it all depends on the type of meat you eat that can cause your health problems which is why you should put a distinction between the types of meat. For example, unprocessed

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