Eating The Forbidden Ham Sandwich Analysis

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Trying something new can be very scary. This can be even more scary when you must go against your own values and morals to try it. Andrew Limbong explores this topic in his article called Eating the Forbidden Ham Sandwich. Yet, this article may confuse a reader on why someone is so scared to try something as simple as eating a ham sandwich or having sex for the first time. However, I can relate to the author as well as his friend Haroon. This article did not puzzle me, it did not frustrate me nor did it appeal to me but, rather it spoke to me. I was born in Ukraine, and moved to the United States when I was 3 years old. I had begun my childhood being raised and surrounded in the same culture. Although once I moved, I was still being raised in the same culture but I was surrounded by a completely different one. One that had formed stereotypes for the people of the country I was from. There are several stereotype that I did not fit but, there were some that I did. I find myself relating to the author’s friend in a…show more content…
This stereotype does not relate to drinking nor communism but rather the cold. People often joke/assume that I am used to the cold weather because I am from Ukraine/Russia. This is often a common misconception for Americans. Growing up my parents would always have me wear more layers than I thought I would need. I would often find myself wearing one coat, two sweatshirts, two t-shirts, one pair of sweatpants, one pair of snow pants and at least two pairs of socks just to go outside and play in the snow. Having some many layers were just part of the Russian culture. I would look around and see other kids just wearing a coat and snow pants without all the extra layers. Not only did I not fit the stereotype but I also made it seem like that the stereotype was placed on the wrong group of people. It should be the Americans that never to get
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