Eating Together Poem Analysis

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Eating Together The poem, “Eating Together” by Kim Addonizio is about a woman observing a friend at a restaurant. Not only is her friend eating, but she is also slowly dying. There is a hidden message behind the poem to convey a certain message. Kim Addonizio uses tone, personification, word choice, and description to get the message across to the readers. While there are a plethora of tools, restrictions, and conventions for making a poem, a variety of genres can incorporate a similar message. 1. Analyzing The message to “Eating Together” can be referred as a dear friend is slowly dying from a condition and it is no secret. In addition, the readers can convey that something powerful is mentally and physically killing her friend. Throughout the poem, the writer observes how her friend is changing and how this condition is taking over her friend. Also, she explains how she knows her friend is dying, although her…show more content…
The title I picked for my children’s story is, “A New Home.” The story is about a dog that is dying, and the mother knows although she tells her child that the dog is going to a brand new home where he will be free and live in bliss. The story connects to the poem in the reason that the main character knows that her furry friend is slowly dying from the clues she describes in the story. Also, the audience will mainly be children, so I had to rephrase the message in the poem, “Eating Together”, so the children will understand that the dog is going to a better place. In order for my story to reach children, I stayed away from using harsh terms, long sentences, and using certain words. In addition, for my children’s story to work and convey a similar message to the poem, and I used personification for the main characters, easy word choice, rhymes and colorful

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