Ebay's Advantages And Disadvantages

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. Companies like Dell have been reducing outsourcing in some areas, eBay should do the opposite. eBay’s has very valuable resources which it uses to create a sustained competitive advantage, but none of these valuable resources are created by the employees at the company. By increasing outsourcing eBay can decrease their costs and lower their overhead. By decreasing costs eBay can pass those savings on to the sellers on their website, charging them less to list their items and attract more users of the site. a. eBay is described as “The World’s Online Marketplace.” Organized to work like your local garage sale, where people can sell items for a set price they determine to anyone that is interested in purchasing the item. These items range from collectibles and antiques to everyday items like cars or CDs. At the time of this article eBay was the largest person-to-person auction website on the internet with over 11 million items available at any given time. Customers on eBay can bid on the items that are available with a higher bid than the previous one and at the end of the auction time the highest bid receives the item. eBay originally called AuctionWeb was created by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 as a hobby in his free time. It is a common story that eBay was created because Omidyar wanted to help his wife trade Pez candy dispensers but this was completely fabricated. The website was actually created because Omidyar wanted to create a perfect market for consumers. It was never

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