Ebenezer Scrooge: A Life Without Effect

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"A life without cause is a life without effect," a famous quote from Paulo Coelho. This quote is similar to Ebenezer Scrooge 's transformation. Scrooge being as miserly as he was causes a bigger impact in the play and also in his alteration. Scrooge was an old niggardly man who was selfish and didn 't aid or support anyone besides himself. As a result to his actions, his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley visits Scrooge attempting to change Scrooge for the better. Marley with all of his fearful powers compels Scrooge to change his old miserly ways. During the play three spirits Past, Present, and future who show Scrooge his past, present, and projected future. For example, Past brings Scrooge to his old lonely childhood. Present brings Scrooge to his friendly employee house, and Future brings Scrooge to his soon to be grave. By the spirits presenting Scrooge the consequences of not changing it causes Scrooge to change. Jacob Marley was the first Spirit that visits Scrooge. Marley was Scrooge 's business partner and some what of a friend. Scrooge and Marley both had the same judgement on money and people who are needy. Marley died seven years ago on Christmas Eve causing Scrooge to have nobody. Years later Scrooge 's partner Marley gives Scrooge a warning telling him to revise his actions or he will suffer for the rest of eternity just like Marley does. When Marley visits Scrooge he warns him about three other spirits that will try making Scrooge a more pleasant and
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