Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

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Christmas is when people are joyful and spend time with their family. However for Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas was a pain. Scrooge thought that Christmas was a waste of time. “Bah, Humbug.” was his reaction to Christmas, in fact it was his reaction to everything. He was grumpy and paid no respect to anybody. He was a stingy man with a cold heart, engrossed by money. He could not recognize the value of his family. But the ghosts of Christmas came to change his life. In, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge visits, a happy moment with his sister, his old employers house, and the Cratchits singing on Christmas day, on the journey with the Christmas ghosts. Scrooge did not have much family but he did not appreciate the family he had. To change that, the Ghost…show more content…
Cratchit thanks god for the “many gifts” that they had, including his children, a loving family, and for the “warmth of [their] small fire.” He appreciates all he has and thanks god for keeping them happy, all while Tiny Tim is unhealthy and might not live much longer. Scrooge is very confused of how they are so happy with their life even when they have so many difficulties, but Christmas Present explains how he did not show Scrooge the Cratchit family because they are rich, handsome, or they are very special. But, he showed them to him because they are “contented with the time and how it passes.” In the background the family sings a song enjoying a happy dinner. Looking at this Christmas Past silently speaks of how they sing so joyfully with only “fifteen shillings a week”, with gratefulness. Seeing how the Cratchit’s act helps Scrooge realize how money is not everything and there family and friends are more important. Scrooge, looking at how poor Bob’s family is and how Tiny Tim might die, he comprehends that he is being very grim towards his worker. Which will affect his decisions in the future very
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