Ebola Outbreak: A Summary And Analysis

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Unlike the television shows such as Law & Order, CSI, or Miami Vice, the Ebola outbreak was not examined as a movie plot. In 2015, the west African nation of Liberia, police find a young man dead with stabbing wounds. Throughout the investigation they found out that the young man tested positive for Ebola. This young man was known as Logan and was killed by Johnny one of his gang members. Logan grew up in the Red Light district. This district was in Monrovia, a poor and run down city in Liberia. What began as a bloody battle over a piece of fruit had thrown the city into a crisis. When the tests quickly show he had Ebola, the team of public health officials from the United States had to take any measures in keeping the disease from spreading further. Though Logan was in a gang he was known as a very nice young man. One night, on his way home from hanging with the boys, he saw three men walking down the street and as one of the men collapsed, Logan rushed over, picked him up, carried him to a taxi, and sent the three strangers home in…show more content…
Lastly, sources allegedly mentioned a third name “Time bomb”. Time bomb was the head of the gang and also an accomplice during the Logan murder. The team finally caught up with Time Bomb and few other suspects, none were arrested. The nurses who cleaned and bandaged Logan’s wounds were also quarantined. MacDougall stated that the hospital worker who stitched him up later died of the virus in a treatment unit. The only person who remained at large was Johnny, the prime suspect in the crime and someone clearly at risk for infection. Rumors swirled that he had fled to Sierra
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