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praised novel about the Ebola Virus and is the story about an outbreak that happened in the United States. The book starts out with a man named Charles Monet who is living on Mount Elgon. He is on a camping trip in the mountain and they explore a cave called Kitum Cave. They soon leave the cave and travel back home. Strange things begin to happen to Monet such as vomiting,fever,headaches, and dies a few days later after being brought to the hospital. The doctor who tried to cure him of this virus also experiences the same symptoms as Monet and almost is killed the same way. He soon recovered and everyone in the building was checked to make sure they were healthy. Around 4 years later a women named Nancy who is a pathologist who studied the…show more content…
A man named Dan Dalgard, who is the vet for the building is asked to examine some of the monkeys that are contained inside Room F. He does this and finds many things wrong inside the monkeys like extensive bleeding. Many monkeys in the room are dying and he tries to find out by dissecting them. He discovers after he comes back from his trip, he is still very determined to solve this case and cuts open part of a monkey. This portion of the monkey contained many cells and under a microscope he soon discovered that it had a virus on it. He sends photos of this virus to Peter Jahrling and they realize they are facing a level 4 hot agent. They decide to test this virus with the ones in the blood samples of Ebola or Marburg. Dalgard doesn't like this idea and doesn't want to give them access to the house until more details are given. Later, a worker named Jarvis Purdy at the building suffers from a heart attack and believe this may be related to Ebola and order them to report any strange behavior from him. Their crew soon goes into the monkey house to investigate. They split up and try to accomplish different things inside like blood samples and working with the

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