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Developing education and evaluation tools are essential steps when implementing a proposed intervention or evidence-based practice (EBP). According to Marschall et al. (2014) educational tools provide the key stakeholders with the necessary awareness, knowledge, understanding, and how to effectively utilize proposed intervention to eliminate a problem or improve patient care. This in turn will increase the likelihood of competency, compliance, and a successful implementation (Marschall et al., 2014). Equally important are evaluation tools because they assess the effectiveness of the new intervention or EBP and then compares the outcomes to the previous practice. However, a variety of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a the EBP or intervention…show more content…
One method that will be essential for this writer’s proposal of adding ADCs to the current standard central line care and maintenance bundle (CLCMB) is to obtain and measure CLABSI rates and CL days on each unit 6 months prior to and post ADC implementation because it will allow a baseline comparison and trend analysis (Marschall et al., 2014). Another method will be performing a pre and post ADC implementation audit CLCMB documentation compliance using the adult intensive care unit (ICU) paper flow-sheet and the electronic health record (EHR) for non-ICU adult acute care units. Currently daily visual CLCMB compliance audits are already performed; however, an updated form that includes the ADC intervention will be needed to track compliance post implementation. In addition, the data from 6 months prior to the initiation of the ADCs will be retrieved for comparison. A pretest will be given to all staff that work with CLs to establish a baseline of staff awareness, knowledge and understanding of CLABSIs as well as current components of the CMB for CLABSI prevention and proper documentation. This will also enable this writer to assess any knowledge deficits and additional education that will be required. Once a review of CLABSI prevention and ADC education has been completed, a post test will be administered for comparison with the pretest. All of these methods will be crucial for evaluating the efficacy of the

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