Ebrahim Toure's Case Study

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Although Canada is universally known as safe haven for refugees, hundreds of unwanted immigrants across the country are held captive under maximum security. Despite the circumstances of these immigrants and refugees, I believe that keeping an innocent man locked behind bars in maximum security is unfair and hostile. Using Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance, I will be analyzing Ebrahim Toure’s conviction. I will also be applying the Potter Box Model of Reasoning by explaining every detail of his case and exploring the values, the principles and the loyalties that lies within this wrongful conviction to conclude with moral standpoint for Ebrahim Toure.
Toure was arrested on February 23, 2013 and has been imprisoned for the last four years in maximum security. He fled Guinea to seek refuge in Canada for a better chance at life. However due to a “failed refugee claimant, Toure is one of the hundreds of unwanted immigrants Canada has locked up indefinitely across the
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Toure claims “I thought Canada was the best place in the world, that’s why I chose to come here.” I believe that this is inhumane. Putting an innocent man in jail for wanting a better life for himself.
Meanwhile, Canada is globally known as a safe haven for those who seek refuge. We also know that Canada has welcomed hundreds of Syrian refugees from October of 2016 until today. But how many of those refugees actually have the right paperwork to enter Canada? Toure’s situation is not much different from the Syrian refugees, both parties decided to fleet their countries for their safety. Although Toure entered Canada with his cousin’s passport, he immediately went to immigration to explain his situation and filed for a refugee status. The CBSA and the Immigration and Refugee Board needs to realize that Toure had no choice at the time therefore he had to do what he had to
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