Case Study: Ecolab, Inc.

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TASK 1 (P1.1, 1.2, 1.3, M2, D1) (P1.1) Ecolab makes the world cleaner, safer, and healthier, protecting people and vital resources. Therefore, their organization is Incorporate due to it is formed by a group of people and it has rights and liabilities separate from those individuals and it is a non-profit organization and their purpose in general is to protect and sustain vital resources such as water, energy, food, healthcare, and technologies to maintain the people’s healthcare and satisfaction of their environment and to produce a clean and healthy environment to provide to the people around the globe. (P1.2) Ecolab has its internal stakeholders who mostly make decisions and manage their day-to-day affairs in the organization to provide…show more content…
Last senior vice president is Vishal Sharma, president in the Middle East and Africa of Ecolab Inc. His objectives are driving execution, compliance and functional support for all divisions within the Middle East and Africa region. Ecolab contributes comprehensive solutions and on-site services to promote safe food, sustain clean environments, optimize water, and energy use and develop operation efficiencies for customers in their vital resources. 2.) FUNCTION LEADERSHIP  Chief Technical Officer – Dr. Larry Berger, his objectives is to lead the global Research, Development & Engineering organization. Including an understanding of customer problems with technology, Ecolab RD&E takes an innovative system to deliver superior solutions to them.  Chief Supply Chain Officer – Alex Blanco, oversees Ecolab’s supply chain operations, including more than 400 manufacturing warehouses, plants, and other supply chain facilities around the globe.  Chief Financial Officer – Daniel Schmechel, he ensures the finance of Ecolab is sustained and operated by the extent of their commitment to environment and social…show more content…
They make sure that each vision or plan of Ecolab is successful to sustain their vital resources and cooperate with any activities that are presented by Ecolab and gain more profit and attention from across the world. External stakeholders of Ecolab influence the organization by their independent aims and goals for their contribution to Ecolab. 1.) Suppliers – They deliver the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. The suppliers also conduct business fairly and ethically, respecting human rights and comply with the rules and regulations. To this extent, Ecolab is expected as well in doing business well and respecting human rights and apply with the rules and regulations for fair business between them. 2.) Customers – Customers expects a lot from a business from quality to quantity, they also influence the business by their purchase power and feedbacks. Ecolab prioritize their customer’s safety with their products and services, they ensure to provide high quality with a reasonable price to satisfy their customers and give them direct approach by community

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