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ECE 280 Inclusion of Children with Special Needs Learning Module 2 Engage and Learn Requirements: 1. For this assignment you will interview someone who assesses the development of infants or toddlers ( birth through 3 years of age) This could be a pediatrician, an occupational therapist, a speech and language pathologists, an early interventionist ( someone who works for the Division of Developmental Disabilities or AzEIP), a social worker or family support specialist(someone who works for the Department of Economic Security(DES), Child Protective Services (CPS), etc) , a nurse or early childhood teacher. Ask them to respond to the following questions: • What is your role? Explain the work that you do. My role as an early childhood educator is to provide multiple opportunities for children to develop skills and knowledge through their…show more content…
• What are the strengths of this assessment tool? This assessment allows for a more individualized approach to planning for specific children, while providing support to all. Using observation and anecdotal assessments provides multiple opportunities to view children learning and provides a more realistic view of their learning than an assessment, which only allows for right or wrong answers. • What are the weaknesses of this assessment tool? It is critical that observations be free of bias and objective, a skill that needs to be developed and can be a challenge for some teachers. • How do you use the results of the assessment? Repetition and multiple opportunities for learning are important for all children, so offering different activities for learning concepts and skills benefit all children, there is no negative impact when providing activities that support skills repeatedly. • What is the biggest challenge of assessing an infant or
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