Ece160 Unit 6 Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to summarize what our team, the Fig Neutrons, did for the final project of ECE160. For the project we used an Arduino Sparkfun Kit to build a Simon says game with multiple game modes that would display several different game statistics on an LCD screen. The work the team has done includes Charlieplexing LEDs and including code for implementing the LEDs, writing code for a reverse Simon game. We also had to make the game play a different song than the one provided, and write code for the LCD to display wins, losses, game length, and the number of games played. Requirements The simon says program has four main components. These components are the individual game modes of original, battle, rewind, song. The…show more content…
After a period of the person who was responsible for either the circuit or programming for that week had tried all their options and looked for solutions, the rest of the team would take a look and attempt to help. If there was a problem witht the program, the team would each read through the lines of code and try to find the problem. If this did not work, then the team would start commenting out lines of code to better find the problem. This was repeated until the code would compile and upload to the microcontroller. The last choice was to ask the professor or student assistant of the class for help if the problem could not be figured out. The use of this last option was kept to a minimal and the team was able to figure out the solution to most of the problems that occurred. iii. Changes When discussing major changes to either the programming or circuit board of the project, the whole team had to be present and agree on the changes. The team never had the issue of disagreements about making changes. Also, major changes generally never occurred due to the straightforwardness of the project.

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