Echinacea Research Paper

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Top 10 health benefits of Echinacea

Echinacea is a great and useful herb, used by people all over the world to keep a good health condition. From the roots to flower petals, each part of this plant is full of essential nutrients. If you are suffering from cold, flu or coughing, you can use the raw plant or Echinacea tea as a natural home remedy. Here, we will reveal 10 best health benefits of Echinacea at home those can support your health.
What Is Echinacea?
Echinacea is a flowering plant, local to North America; scattered the American countryside for hundreds of years. Originally valued by the local American as a medicine for snakebites, stomach pain, and infectivity. It was then used before starting any kind of antibiotics medicine. Nowadays, Echinacea continues one of most
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Echinacea Supports Normal Aging:
Although research is needed on the human for confirmation, the results of animal studies recommend that Echinacea could offer anti-aging potential. In one study, Echinacea supplement was attributed in helping expand the lifetime of aging mice.

Echinacea Tea:
Here is a simple recipe for Echinacea tea. Confirm using only natural Echinacea that’s free of chemical substance. For flavor, you can include natural sweetening like honey, but I like it simple.

Place a saucepan with 8-16 ounces of filtered water on medium heat.
Add Echinacea flowers, leaves and roots.
Cover with a lid and bring them simmering for about fifteen minutes.
Strain and drink it as Echinacea Tea!

Side Effects of Echinacea:
Echinacea is normally regarded as safe; but, people who are sensitive to pollen, they should take some extra care. Echinacea comes from the similar plants category of marigolds, ragweed and daisies. A few common side effects of dry mouth, dizziness, and mild nausea. Whereas it is a much-loved herb taken by many women, more study is required to find out its safety for breastfeeding mothers or child expectant ladies. Before you take Echinacea yourself, ask your

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