Echo Check Reflection

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In the Echo Check, Patients shared that they found the blog and interview discussions to be therapeutic, allowing them to open up and address their true feelings about their condition, including embarrassment and frustration I liked discussing my feelings on the blog tree. It was an interesting way of forcing myself to be expressive about the disease.- Mason It is nice to be at the point to be able to talk about it.- Alexa I have been thinking about the whole session and being able to talk about it and express my feelings actually felt like therapy to me. I now feel like after all, psoriasis might not be that bad and we all have flaws at the end of the day.- Celine I felt good talking or speaking about this to her because I feel like I 'm not alone in this fight.- Mya What would you say to a someone your age who has…show more content…
I have enough on my plate with applying to colleges right now. The last thing I want to be thinking about is my annoying psoriasis.- Mason Clears the way for you to be a teen. This is helpful because that 's what I really want to feel, is normal.- Seacret Many Patients were so motivated by the thought of a potential medication that would let them be an everyday kid that they said they wanted to ask their doctors about new treatments [I want to bring up] new treatments that are better than what I
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