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“From the day of the bird, I began to watch carefully for the deep wounds that others hid but always carried with them. The more I saw, the faster came compassion, the tool of insight until my path was made perfectly clear. From the start there was no other choice; my purpose was to touch the wounds of others and then to heal them.” (Page 12). Echo knew from a very young age what her true calling in life was to become a nurse. She was passionate about listening and healing, admirable qualities. Throughout the book, we are guided on a journey through her daily struggles and accomplishments, as not only a nurse, but as a mom and a friend. I really appreciated, in reading Intensive Care, that it not only had elements of medicine, but also Echo’s personal life challenges. She was raising a son by herself and was swamped with the demanding student responsibilities. Any high-schooler can relate to this struggle of maintaining a balance with so many conflicting activities. “Later I stood in the doorway of Simon’s room, listening to his soft, even snoring and cried. I felt as if I were losing everything good in my life.” (Page 353). Echo Heron displays…show more content…
I have no complaints and it taught me a lot. Nursing is a very rewarding but difficult profession and in order to be successful, you have to be totally committed to it. “Although the bulk of us kept coming back every day, by the end of the first year many students had been dropped fro failure to achieve the standards set by the program, or they had resigned because they could’t stand the stress.” (Page 43). Echo Heron had to go through a lot in order to get to where she and nursing isn’t for everyone. The orange exercise was a clear example of the type of person it takes to survive. The book is definitely worth reading and there is a lot to gain from it. Echo provides a valuable insight to the nursing industry and anyone considering entering the feudal should read this book

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