Echo Of War

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The Echo of Battle: The Army’s way of War The Echo of Battle: The Army’s way of War, by Brian McCallister Linn; is an informative book that gives understanding on how war has defined the United States, whether it’s the Gettysburg, Iraq or the invisible battle that the military is fighting. United States favorite approach is through weapons and not much skills. However, it also explains that once weapons become silent or when there aren’t as many victories during war, the developing of new strategies becomes a key focus for the United States military. The Army focusing on new strategies and ways could better prepare them for the technology advances in today’s wars against other countries. The attack on 9/11 is the excuse for causing war or…show more content…
As for long as war has been going on in the world the it’s the intuitive for leaders to tell their men to attack and think later, but that has gotten a lot of innocent men and women killed. Therefore, that can be changed by the new leaders of today. As who person who wants to be a leader and go into the potential field of civil affairs I must be able to understand what I am getting into, plus what I can do to make the a change in the way the military works and it’s tactics. I believe that it is truly important that now as evolving leaders that we pay attention to what how the military functions and the wrong decisions that they made as leaders that are leading the military. As before we should be absorbing and preparing ourselves to not make the same mistakes that leaders before us has made. And the fact the book talks a lot about how the military has lost so many times due to strategic planning that has led to defeat. Seeing this now allows future leaders to know how to lead and to not cause casualties’ when it could possibly be prevented. In the book we Linn tells us how American leaders in the military assumed and therefore ended up in the wrong warfare. For example, Linn stated that: “During the Cold War, when many Americans believed they faced nuclear annihilation or communist dictatorship, the dangers posed a century earlier seemed insubstantial” (Linn, 2007). This statement given in the early part of the book represents the entire story is basically the lesson for book that I am able to take with me into my preferred field. Leaders are able to get a sense of learning how to properly manage plans and to understand how to better route situations that lead to less casualties. Which is the main focus of the book the military not being able to have a control of situations therefore making the
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