Ecko Rose: A Character Analysis

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I am willingly making positive changes to my personality traits to be able to once again enjoy God’s gift to me, Ecko Rose. When I am feeling overwhelmed or I am feeling angry I usually can take a short walk to rapidly lower my anxiety or my blood pressure. I plan to remember to take these moment aside before allowing fight or flight response to become the initial reaction. When I have feelings of helplessness or discouragement I have recently, since my daughters removal from the home, engaged myself in a variety of personal hobbies including meditation, painting, writing poetry and assisting my roommate with his income source making custom Colorado boxes, as well as continuous self reassurance which has already shown substantial assistance…show more content…
Without her catching me when i expected my mom to do so, which wasn 't necessarily required at most times, my attitude toward people in the world wouldn 't be so forgiving and my relationships would 've been at risk for much more less trust. I am grateful that she was given the ability to take care of me unconditionally. I 'd most likely be delved into a much more necessarily social circle and possibly emerged into what SO Many of my peers have fallen victim too...No hope and a itch for healing their "pain", that i personally assume started as emotional and ended up becoming a physical pharmaceutical dependency: Amber Hobden, my baby sister, a source of my ability of to achieving better living circumstances for us at a highly young age than other humans of the same. She is always willing to help me anytime with anything as is the same from myself to her. She is the voice of reason in my recent struggles and always reminds me why its important not to drink myself into a hurricane of anger and that trying to cure Humanity with Anger instead of Love, Is never the way to prevail! These closely knit important people as well as including numerous other closely related family members, Seven uncles on each side and 2 Aunts, and numerous friends that also live in close
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