Eco/372 Week 1

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Target 1: Reduce the unemployment rate by at least half the current rate. It is unemployment that leads to poverty.
Target 2: Enable access to clean water and sanitization to everyone, this is a basic human right, not a luxury.
Target 3: Improve the income redistribution of social grants amongst minors, single mothers and minors.
Goal 2 – Achieve Universal Education (within the next decade)
Target 4: In improving literacy in our country ensure that every child in South Africa has access to basic primary schooling.
Target 5: Maintain an adequate level of quality education with special focus and development plans for the rural areas.
Goal 3 – Reduce child Mortality (within the next decade)
Target 6: Increase the number of children and babies
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Target 11: Decrease the rate of maternal mortality by ensuring ever y woman has access to antenatal care
Goal 6 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Woman (within the next decade)
Target 12: Enforce harsher punishments and consequences for abuse of woman (and children).
Target 13: Re-evaluate the quota system in respect to the representation of women in all fields and industries.
Goal 7 – Develop a Global Partnership for Development (within the next decade)
Target 14: Improve trade relations with countries where we are highly dependent on imported goods, resources, raw materials etc.
Target 15: Set a higher economic growth target and put in place the necessary measures to achieve them.
Goal 8 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability (within the next decade)
Target 16: More focus on safe guarding the countries natural resources and assets.
Taregt 17: Invest in sustainable energy mediums.
My final list is based on the desired economic growth and sustainability of our country.
In order to ensure a future for ourselves and our children we would need to build our MDG’s around the rate of unemployment in our country, the world and how it affects people and their living
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