Eco 372 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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A few months ago, I began an internship with the East Villagers Organization. East Villagers is a non-profit organization that focuses primarily on funding children with congenital heart disease. As an intern, I was required to translate documents from Mandarin to English since the organization focused its projects in Eastern China. The first assignment given to me was a fourteen pages brochure that I had to translate within two weeks. Since this was one of the first times I was given such an enormous task within such a small time span, I panicked. Being in the International Baccalaureate program at my school along with managing many clubs, I had to balance out both school and the brochure. My schedule underwent tremendous changes. Every day…show more content…
I realized that with every page of the document I translated, these children would be given more hope of receiving financial aid. Therefore, all the effort I put forth into the documents was worth it. For the next two weeks, my schedule consisted of mainly school and translations, leaving me barely anytime for fun. By the end of the two week period, I had successfully completed translating the brochure. Currently, I am still translating documents on a daily basis. Thinking back now, the fourteen pages I translated was not as bad it appeared to be at the time. Furthermore, I also felt that the times I spent translating the document also benefitted me. Through the brochure, I realized how grateful I should be living in the situation that I currently am. Although I am often told that I should be grateful, I have never realized exactly how lucky I was until I started my internship. However, that does not mean that I should stay ignorant to societal issues. Instead, I should contribute as much as I can to the people who are suffering. The brochure not only increased my awareness on global problems, but it also reminded me that these people never asked to be in the position that they are
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