Eco 372 Week 2 Music Video Reflection

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Music Video Reflection
While making my music video I learned that the national level of poverty is just as bad as a global and personal level of poverty. In some ways, it still follows poverty cycle like in personal level poverty, but national level poverty is similar to global level poverty in that it affects more than one group of people it affects everyone. In order to conduct my research, I first had to look back on our class discussions on levels of poverty and the poverty cycle. I had to research what to use as an example, and in my case, it turned out to be Venezuela. I had to research a plausible solution and how to make it work on a national level. The sources that provided me with the majority of my information were Ghana Volunteers’ “Micro Financing” article and Armstrong Economics’ “Hyperinflation-Venezuela” article.
The process to create my music video was a long one and I worked on it for days. I used WeVideo, WeVideo is really easy to use and you can insert images or videos, audio, captions, filters, and you can
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If it was humanitarian/anthropologist, Prince Ea I would watch the whole thing or if they grabbed my attention. If they wouldn’t catch my attention within the first 30 seconds I would not have finished the video. However, if I did come across a video that I truly think is worth me watching then I will most likely tell others about it. I do this on my facebook page, if I see something that makes me happy I will like it and if I think it is important enough I will then share it for all of my friends to see. And hopefully, if they enjoy it, they will share it with their friends. This is the beauty of social media if the people want something to be known it will make its rounds quickly and be known. The most effective way to get a message across is by targeting certain audiences. Hit people right in the feels. Make them feel
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