Eco 372 Week 3 Basic Beliefs Assignment

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Basic Belief Assignment

I describe a belief as an idea that is thought to be true by a person. Beliefs have the potential to influence and determine what a person values. Religion is a main factor that defines a person’s beliefs. It is known that people share common beliefs within the same religion. I do believe in God. I believe in God because that is what I was raised to believe all my life. I have learned a lot about my faith through my family and school. At this age, I have questioned my religion but I do believe in God. I also believe in spirits. I think that there are good as well as bad spirits that people become after death. I am a Roman Catholic. I am not particularly a religious person and I do not practice my faith a lot compared to others. I practice my faith by praying,
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It is not a huge concern for me because I am not a religious person. I believe that if you love a person than religion should not be an big issue. Although, my parents would not particularly like the idea of me marrying someone of a different religion. My parents would not object to me marrying someone of a different religion but they would not like it. This is because my parents believe there will too many issues due to our different faiths. Some of the challenges of marrying someone of a different religion is which holidays to celebrate, which religion do your children practice and what traditions to carry on.
If I became a parent, I would like to have my child raised to learn the Roman Catholic religion. I would want my child baptized and as well have a communion because that is what I have done as a child. I do not mind whether my child attends to a public school or Catholic school. However, I would prefer if my child attended a Catholic so they could learn the same values that I have learned. I do not think I would raise my child to be very religious but I do want them to have a background of the Roman Catholic

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