Eco-Criticism In The Chronicles Of Narnia

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Looking from our own perspective, the world of Narnia comes as a seemingly nice place where in a war between the good and the bad , the latter always loses and when it does not, like in The Last Battle, everything comes to an end and even then, a new world comes to exist. Some things in eco-critical texts are typical, like the traditional representation of God or God-like figure are always clad in flowing garments and are grey-bearded patriarchal figure, which can be witnessed in Tisroc from The horse and his boy. Another issue that eco-criticism brings to the fore is the distinction that is seemingly deconstructed and reduced to self-contradiction which is not necessarily absolute. The distinction in question here is that between nature and…show more content…
Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia is a work of literature which talks little about any such constructions and emphasizes on fantasy and magical realms of a world which is way moved from the world we live…show more content…
It also shows that the text is diverse and disparate and its growth is based on certain events, some of which are actual, either from past or the present .such reading is eclectic and diverse and is not bound by a single problem instead, has a sort openness and methodological balance which does not restrict it like other theories do. Ecocriticism is such a diverse sphere, that it does not seem to have dominance of a single person.
In this case, ‘pathetic fallacy’ comes into the picture which talks about the tendency of human instincts that leads us to see emotions in our surroundings and nature. Emerson too was once quoted saying: ‘Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.’ The ecocentric reading, unlike other approaches pays more attention to what is on the outside and uses idea of symbiosis and energy. Ecocritical reading also brings forth the idea of binaries in the nature and helps incorporate the problems of humanity and

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