Eco Psychology Informative Essay

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Nature the source of life and the world in which we live. Mother Nature always helps her children even when it hurts it such as when people need help either dealing with: stress, depression, anger, along with pain of both the body and mind. It is when modern methods fail to heal us that as her children turn to mother earth for her assistance in becoming well again. It is the hope of this informative essay that before taking pills take in consideration that there may be alternative to what modern medicine and psychology can help with medication and what can be helped with nature in mind. To understand what eco therapy is one must first begin with the two parts that where the foundation for eco therapy and nature therapy. Eco psychology focuses on the connection that people have with the natural environment. Eco psychologists see this lack of between mind and nature as being at the heart of the current ecological crisis. Psychotherapy tries to help individuals understand and find meaning from both emotional and psychological difficulties that they experience. Eco therapy, utilizes principles from psychotherapeutic therapy, to form relationships with the natural world in order to enable us to make come to terms with past and present emotions and life experiences. Nature…show more content…
Another way of looking at “Eco therapy (in its strict sense) – is about building a relationship with nature, so that personal wellbeing is considered equally alongside the health of the environment. Sessions usually include some type of formal therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or counselling”
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