Eco-Tourism And Tourism

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Tourism in the current century has brought a number of advantages to various communities and has played significant role in shaping the economies (Weaver & Lawton, 2007). Eco-tourism over the last several decades has become the subject of discussion and debate in tourism industry. As per the debates and discussion, it is said that eco-tourism should satisfy three basic criteria i.e. attractions of the visitors should be based on natural environment, interactions of the visitors with the attractions should be based and focused on education or learning, principles and practices should be followed in product and experience management that are associated with economic sustainability, socio cultural and ecological (Reimer & Walter, 2013). This essay is designed to provide insight on the social and cultural impacts that tourism has brought to the Cardamom Mountains in the southwest of Cambodia and to the St. Lawrence Islands National Park and Environs through utilising Honey’s Analytical Framework.
Cambodia has an emerging economy with high potential for economic growth. Tourism has contributed a lot in the establishment of Cambodian economy and after garment industry and agriculture; it has become the third largest sector of the economy. St. Lawrence Islands National Park (SLINP) (McLaughlin, 2011) is the larger geographical area of study within the Thousands Islands Region which connects St. Lawrence River with the U.S. Canada border, extending from Kingston to Brockville
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