Ecocriticism In Arrow Of God

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The works of Achebe and Okri have been a subject of great academic interest. Along with the various book length studies, there are also available numerous articles on different aspects of their writing. Critical View on Chinua Achebe 's "Arrow of God" (1986) by Catherine Lynette Innes is a critical book which discuses about various emerging perspectives in Nigerian Literature.
Malignant and Beneficent Fictions: Constructing Nature in Ecocriticism and Achebe’s Arrow of God (2001) an article by Michael Lundblad is an attempt to explore the ethical implications of speaking for nature. Author also emphasized on the need to raise the significant question about how ecocritics will continue to define ecocritical theory and practice. It calls upon the issue which involves the concept of speaking or nature or to determine how to let nature voice speak for itself by taking int o consideration Achebe’s novel Arrow of God. Chinua Achebe: The Man and His Works (2006) by Ure Mezu is a book which assess Chinua Achebe as a person, a writer and the inaugurator of the literary tradition of cultural nationalism. This book is a compilation of the essays from leading Diasporic African writers. Things Fall Apart- Multiple Critical perspectives (2009) by Chinua Achebe is a book in which Achebe himself discusses about different issues put forward in through his novel. Representing the Whites: A Study of Chinua Achebe 's Trilogy (2011) by Debabhuson Borah
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