Ecocriticism In Arundhati Roy's The God Of Small Things

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ECOCRITISISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS IN ARUNDHATI ROY’S THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS By Dr Geetanjali, Associate Prof, Deptt of English DAV(PG) College, Dehradun ABSTRACT During the turn of century environment has emerged as a great threat to human beings as well as the earth. Attention of the writers is thus drawn towards the concern for ecology and the threat that the continuous misuse of our environment poses on humanity. This concern and it’s reflection in literature has given rise to paradigm shift in literaryworld as theory of Ecocriticism evolved strongly. Ecocriticism functions as a tool that draws the attentions of the world to crucial environmental issues through analysis of literature. The present paper seeks to outline ecocritical examination to the relevance and presence of the entire ecological systems in Environmental issues in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. It draws attention of literary world to human responsibility towards our environment of which all human beings are an integral part. Arundhati Roy, being a socially aware intellect with deep concern for the environment, expresses her thoughts that human beings need to express a concern for the environment in order to make this earth liveable for generations to come. KEYWORDS : Ecocriticism, Modernisation,Ecocritic, Urbanisation, Environmental Movement,Environmental ethics AIM OF THE PAPER The aim of this paper is to highlight how nature writing plays a significant role in depicting

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