Ecocriticism In Literature

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offers an approach to ecocriticism in the context of contemporary English Canadian Poets. It gives definitions of various contemporary critics on ecocriticism. It specially discuss origin of ecocriticism, nation wilderness and conservative move towards protection of environment through ecocritical approaches of Canadian poets, the essay scrutinize moments of the metaphor, in the age of technology, interrelatedness between nature and human. Ecocritical literatures explored that human construction; adoption of new technology, modernization approach brings tremenderous changes in the environment in the twentieth century. The dynamic environment which is brought by the human, exploited the nature. However, transmission of nature is also essential to the development of human being.

KEY WORDS: Ecocriticism, Ecopoets, Canadian literature, nation, wilderness, technology, feminism, post-colonialism.

Canada is largely conquered by wilderness. The majority of land is being dominated by forest and Rocky Mountains but, it no longer scenario due to modernization. The political as well as ongoing public controversial issue as construction of hydro electric dams, tankers , the continuing infringement of indigenous sovereignty and this lead to rethink of ecocriticism. Thus, it takes more pressing need of environmental approaches of Canadian poet.

Michael Moore, Partick D. Murphy, Pamela Banting contemporary Canadian literary scholars argues that environment and ecology are prominent
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