Ecocriticism In Literature

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Ecocriticism is an emerging area of concern.It engages into a study of literature and environment.Literature has been significant in addressing social, political, economic concerns.The growing environmental concerns are gradually receiving treatment in all disciplines. Literary studies have embraced environmental issues. The need for attending to issues has led to blurring of boundaries and hence move towards interdisciplinary studies has become prominent.
This research intends to study the relationship between literature and environment.It focuses on how literature has been pivotal in addressing environmental concerns through fiction, drama, poetry. For my study, I have selected works from Native America Literature. Native American Literature has been selected as it reflects the strong sense of relationship of the indigenous american Indians with the natural world.The literature of the native Indians exihibits their history, culture, tradition, identity and belonginess to the land.Two women writers have been selected, Leslie Marmon Silko and Linda Hogan. They both represent the native community and their history.Their works reflect the indigenous experiences.It is through their works they intend to bring Indian identity and history in knowledge of the world.Both the female writers have been extensively involved in working towards protection of environment. Their activism finds space in their works and encourages a reformed view about the native Americans. The reason for
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