Ecocriticism In English Literature Essay

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Nature is the profound blessing that human can ever receive in the Earth. As of sayings goes that literature is a mirror of life; in modern connotation the life does not simply mean life of human alone and it includes life of non-human too. Literary theories help to re-interpret the text in a better way to unwrap the multiple meanings hidden in it. A survey of contemporary literature deals with the environmental philosophy helps to explore leading theories in this area which includes anthropocentricism, biocentrism, ecocentrism, ecocriticism and ecofeminism. Ecocriticism is one of the significant theories in literature which helps to understand the relationship between literature and physical environment. The interpretation of ecocriticism or environmental criticism takes different shape in American literature and British literature. In the name of ‘ecocriticism’ American literature celebrates nature whereas British Literature on the other used the term ‘green studies’ to focuses on the threats and dangers of nature. Anthropocentricism is the philosophical view of nature from human-centered by rejecting…show more content…
Karen Louise Erdrich is a renowned Native American writer; has produced fifteen novels, volumes of poetry, children books, short stories and a memoir. She is one of the notable tribal members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa (Ojibwe) Indians. Her novel Love Medicine has won her the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1984 and would set the stage for her later works The Beet Queen, Tracks and The Bingo Palace often noted as tetralogy. Erdrich owns Birchbark Books, a small ¬¬independent bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The works of Erdrich often articulate the indigenous issues and subjects connected to Native Americans. This paper shed lights on the portrayal of ecocritical and anthropocentric perceptions in Erdrich’s
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