Ecofeminism In Animal Dreams

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“I only feel it’s worth writing a book if I have something important to say,” the author of Animal Dreams stated (Ryan). Throughout the novel, Barbara Kingsolver chooses to include numerous subjects like parental relationships, Native Americans, U.S. involvement in Nicaragua, and most importantly, ecofeminism (Kingsolver, Barbara and Lisa See 46). Based on her book Holding the Line, which covers the great Arizona mine strike of 1983, Codi and her female town friends are devoted to the protection of their homeland ecological system. Because of the role of women and their devotion to the environment, one of the most prominent themes is ecofeminism. Codi’s gradual maturation and love for the environment, Hallie’s strength and bravery, and the women of the Stitch and Bitch club all represent the ecofeminist aspect of the novel. Similarly in Prodigal Summer, the novel Animal Dreams revolves around a strong, female character, Codi,…show more content…
“The Stitch and Bitch Club had already laid plans to come back in ten days with five hundred peacock piñatas. There would only be two deviations from the original plan. First, each piñata would be accompanied by a written history of Grace and its heroic struggle against the Black Mountain Mining Company” (Kingsolver). Their plan to make 500 piñatas in ten days is evidence of their tireless devotion. When the mayor's calls to local newspapers failed, they found a way to publicize their cause. Women in the Stitch and Bitch club wear “red dresses with cat-eye glasses, and Steelworkers T-shirts with navy hair bows” (Kingsolver). They call meetings to order by banging on the table with a high-heeled pump. The wardrobe exemplifies their feminism and toughness. Their power suggests that part of what's changing in Grace now that the mining company is gone, is a transfer of power from men to
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