Ecofeminism In Shaw's Pygmalion And St. Shaw

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Although ecofeminism as a movement started around 1970s much after Shaw’s death, his plays depict how foresighted he was with regard to the association that existed between nature and women that started this movement. His plays are mostly scene in the light of reformation of society at which they are aimed but they also abound in instances that reflect the undeniable association and dependence, women and nature share with each other. This aspect of his writings has been largely overlooked. This paper had been written with the aim to explore and unearth this association in two of Shaw’s plays Pygmalion and St.Joan. The paper indicates how Shaw’s plays provide an insight to the objectives of Eco-feminism and its off-shoots like vegetarian ecofeminism. It also performs interpretation of these texts in ecofeminist light and relates the first few decades of twentieth century English writings to ecofeminist movement.

Keywords. Ecofeminism, Vegetarian Ecofeminism, G.B.Shaw, Pygmalion, St.Joan .

Alliance and Parallels between Shaw’s female characters and Nature in the plays Pygmalion and St. Joan: an Ecofeminist Analysis Eco-feminism is a term that combines in itself two disciplines that are relevant in the contemporary times, namely, ecology and feminist studies. Ecology is a term that is understood as a scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment. As a discipline, ecology addresses the full scale of life,

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